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placidocarrerotti  - 5 months ago
78 RPM
Hi. Is there a way to get a list of all 78 rpm discs on sale (I'm collecting some of them), without looking for a specific singer in the search engine? Thanks for your help.
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3 answers

discjvape  - 5 months ago
I have these 78 vinyl in case you have interest in any of them.
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heavensmusic  - 5 months ago
Hi, you click on the search button without writing anything. "No result" will appear and on the left it will shown "Only format" and then you can choose 78 rpm.

Best regards
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jaciel  - 5 months ago
Hola, tengo buena colección de discos en 78rpm,sobre todo cubanos, de artistas cubanos, si te interesa puedes escribirme, también puedes decirme en 78rpm que es lo que te gustaría comprar, saludos.
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