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gryffin788  - 28 days ago
Hi! I am looking for everything from the TV show BONANZA and it's actors; something for sale anyone?
I am particularly interested in singles with original/ picture sleeve, rare promotional or radio releases and foreign editions like the japanese release of the 12" BONANZA - TV's ORIGINAL CAST: Victor SHP5153, but anything else is just as fine!

The main actors of the show are:

Lorne Greene
Pernell Roberts
Dan Blocker
Michael Landon

Anything with their brand on it is more than welcome :-)

Thank you
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6 answers

recordsclub1  - 23 days ago
Hi, I have this single Al Caiola - Bonanza / Walter Brennan - Old Rivers. Media: Mint, Sleeve: Generic. Price 10 euros + shipping. If you're interested please let me know.
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gryffin788  - 23 days ago
Hi, thank you for your message!
Your record includes the title melody, but at this time I am rather interested in items connected directly to the four main actors, but thank you for your reply anyway (my first question and my first reply :-)).
Take care
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recordsclub1  - 23 days ago
You're welcome! Take care!
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recordsclub1  - 23 days ago
I also found this in my collection..
"Ben Cartwright, Little Joe, Adam, Hoss ‎– Bonanza (Ein Abend Auf Der Ponderosa Mit Ben Cartwright, Little Joe, Adam Und Hoss)" (see pic)
and the U.S. RCA single, "Lorne Greene ‎– Ringo / Bonanza"
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gryffin788  - 16 days ago
Hello again,

sorry I am late to reply!
I do have the german LP, but the american single might be interesting; would it come with the original picture sleeve?

Thank you so much :-)!!!
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recordsclub1  - 16 days ago
Actually It' s a Canadian edition, with generic RCA sleeve.
Thank you
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