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hartei  - 2 years ago
Buying a record without having an account
Good morning,
at Sat., June 12th I have ordered an LP:
Bestellung 1301525 - 12/06/2021 Verkäufer : BLACKFORESTVINYL
Poesie Und Musik
francois villon
Format : LP
Zustand der Platte : NM
Zustand des Covers : VG 11.95 EUR
Menge : 1

After that, I received a confirm-mail (the LP ist available) with details about the bank account, to wich the money is to be sent, including a transaction no.. I transferred the sum the same day by IMMEDEATE bank transfer. Today, I receivesd another mail from you, saying thet I had to confirm the date (which date?). By trying this, I was asked to establish a costumers account at your website, which I did. But as I expected, my personal account is empty, because I made my order BEFFORE establishing the my account. I cannot see the status of my order. Please confirm that you will carry out my order immediately, to my e-mail acount: Thank you very much, yours Hartmut Eichhorn
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