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Guidelines for the use of CDandLP Ask!

CDandLP Ask! Service is an on-line community allowing members to ask and answer questions concerning the music world.

CDandLP Ask! Service is managed by CD and LP – Music Web Service Company, editor of music market place.

In order to be able to use CDandLP Ask Service, it is necessary to first create a member account

The use of CDandLP Ask! Service is subject to the acceptance of its guidelines.

The members who do not respect the guidelines expose themselves to the suspension, even the deletion of their access to CDandLP Ask! without any notice. In extreme cases, certain violations can even lead to the deletion of the member account on platform.

In the respect of these guidelines, every member has the power to help make the community pleasant, useful and playful.

CDandLP reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.


Ask questions

You can ask any kind of music-related questions. We recommend you to be the most precise and concise possible while respecting the grammar and spelling. We propose an automated and publishable translation from your language to French and English so that the world community can also answer you.

Answer questions

CDandLP Ask! relies on the collective knowledge of the participants. Your knowledge, your opinions or your personal experiences can be useful for someone; that is why you should share them in reference to the other members’ questions! We encourage our members to use the on-line resources to answer the questions. Therefore, it is important to quote its sources by respect for the authors.

Share your opinion

If you see an interesting content or an answer which appears correct to you, then attribute it a thumb up. Should the opposite occur, attribute it a thumb down. Before posting your opinion, ask yourself if your contribution enriches the community. The votes allow helping the question issuer to determine what the best answer is.

Be respectful towards others

CDandLP Ask! is an international community with contributors of the whole world. It is therefore opened to opinions of diverse and varied origins. All participants have to show courtesy, tolerance and respect towards the persons and the opinions.

Report abuses

Everyone can report abuses and help detect and delete these abuses quickly.


Use CDandLP Ask! to express hatreds, frustrations and resentment

CDandLP Ask! is not a ground of expression to deliver their frustrations, resentment, hatreds or offend persons, things or institutions. The smooth running and the harmony of CDandLP Ask! depends on the respect of the other persons and their opinions or beliefs.

Spread prohibited content

It is formally forbidden to diffuse images, videos, sounds or comment with such character: pornographic, violent, offensive, shocking, racist, of one way general against the good customs.

Chat or not respect the question-answer form

Use CDandLP Ask! to discuss subjects with no link to the real purpose of CDandLP Ask!

Use the service for commercial purposes

The vocation of CDandLP Ask! is to exchange music-related knowledge but not to make the promotion of your activity or your website. You can refer to your website, even if it has a commercial vocation, in the only condition that there is a direct relationship with the answer.

Break the law

You must respect the laws in force in your country. As example, you should not threaten, insult or badger others, use someone else’s identity, steal the personal and private information.

Cause damages to others

Use the CDandLP Ask service! to only give other members bad advise and as a consequence to deceive them. You may not direct them towards dangerous sites (containing elements against the good customs, viruses or malwares). In a general way, you may not do anything to divert other members from the principle of functioning of CDandLP Ask!

Distort the use of the site

Do not create multiple accounts to break with impunity these CDandLP Ask! guidelines. Do not publish any incomprehensible contents and do not ask the same questions in a repeated way!