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paskald123  - 2 years ago
Buying in UK , problems with customs taxes...! ( Brexit )
I have buyed 1 LP in the UK , payed the price , included transport fee . The price of the lp : 33,83 euro , transport 18, 67 euro (!) . Total amount confirmed by cdandlp : 52,50 euro . Ok , payed and then later the surprise ! Belgian Custom tax : 21,88 euro extra !!! that's not ok , but I payed because I don't like have problmes again with send back etc. It was not announced and I forgot to think before buy ...Can Cdandlp place a warning what concerns this situation ? A good lesson before you buy in the UK ...
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ragzzz  - 2 years ago
Since July 1st it is the same for all countries in EU. If you buy from another country you have to pay your country's VAT on the purchase amount. If it isn't paid at purchase you may also be charged extra by customs as well as the VAT. It can be circumvented by the seller filling in the CN22 as a gift and as long as the value is put as less than 45 Euros then it should go through without any problems. But make sure to put a value as I had one returned by german customs because I put a line through value (meaning no value) but they couldn't get their minds around that.
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heavensmusic  - 2 years ago
I think value should be under 21 € for the CN22.
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davedisaster  - 2 years ago
I think it's £18 for the UK, but best to keep it to a few ££ each item, or make it as PROMOTIONAL ITEM NOT FOR RESALE = Value 0, or 'NCV' which means NO COMMERCIAL VALUE
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