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ralpha  - 1 month ago
can u tell me whats going on? The status say received but you say you frozen the automatic confirmat
Hello Ralph,

You filed a claim stating that you still haven’t received your order n°1477125.

We have registered your claim.

Several reasons may explain a delay in the delivery.

- a late shipment from the seller.

- a delay due to postal services.

- an error on the shipping address. Please check that you gave the correct shipping address.

- you were not home to receive the parcel: please contact your local post office or the transport company used by seller.

We are also contacting the seller to get some more information.

Without any reason that could explain the delay, we will contact you again on 20/04/2024 and ask you if you have finally received your order.

The automated receipt of the order has been frozen, please inform us if you receive your order in the meantime.

You may also confirm the receipt directly from your account.

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