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mrsmiff  - 3 years ago
Contacting cd and lp or sellers
Could someone please tell me if this site is still up and running and legit? I have tried contacting both cdandlp and a buyer i am interested in making a purchase from but never get a reply! I don't want to part with my money until i know it is safe to do so.
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ragzzz  - 3 years ago
Yes it is up and running. I have made sales in last week or so and received payment into my holding account a couple of days ago. Also had feedback left from buyer the day before yesterday.
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My personal experience
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cdandlp  - 3 years ago
Dear Lewis,

Thanks for reaching.

We replied to your message yesterday, and right now, to your email address. Unfortunately, it seems that the address you entered in your account is wrong. We got a delivery status notification saying that your address cannot be reached. Please update it from your user account.

As a seller you may always contact me directly to


CDandLP's team
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mrsmiff  - 3 years ago
Thanks for your message ragzzz.
I just checked my email and it was indeed wrong! My bad! I have updated it now and sent another message. Thanks for your help, much appreciated :)
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