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sugorosso  - 5 years ago
I'm a new member...A question about searching items
Dear friends ... I'm new here. I wanted to kindly ask for some information about searching items on sale:
I mainly want to look for vinyls about a certain artist: IRON MAIDEN!
When I search items there's a way to filter them out by artist and by format (i.e.: vinyl ) and that's very good!
I'd like to have, as a result of the search, a list of records that are in good condition, both the record and its cover.
I'd like to know if there's a way to filter them out by grading (cover and record), but not by choosing only 1 type of grading (i.e.: Ex for the cover and/or VG for the record ), but to filter all the items that have a grading greater or equal than a certain value( i.e.: cover grading greater or equal VG and record grading greater or equal EX ).
In this way I could avoid choosing all the grading values one by one, so to have a unique list that then can be ordered by price or by something else..

Thanks to all
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