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collector29  - 1 year ago
Shipping for Russia!!
I have an order to ship for Russia, (Not nothing! an order has 500 balls) is it risky in this period of war? hello sellers! Have you had any problems lately for this destination? I've heard bad rumors from Russian customs (right now)!!? in short I hesitate?? if you have information on sending your parcels to this destination, I am a taker?? thanks in advance
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pushandpull  - 1 year ago
If your local post accepts the parcel, it's OK to ship, I think. I'm Russian, parcels from overseas are delivered well, just slower than before. A parcel from Germany arrived in 10 days while parcels from the UK and Spain took 6 - 8 weeks to be delivered. Russian customs working as always, as far as I know.
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