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musicbymail  - 3 years ago
What is really the category Jazz ---> Gospel / Spiritual ?
While gospel is clear to me, spiritual is unclear! Is it Coltrane's Love Supreme stuff? Kahil El Zabar's Ritual Trio and all the jazz focusing on a spiritual quest? Even if stylistically miles away from gospel, which is rather simple while the other is complex?
Musical categories could and should benefit of a few more revamps. For ex. there is also no way today to classify all swing jazz, other than puttin' it in Other(s) Jazz ..... weird and not good enough, like it or not, it has been the cradle of jazz and should have its own category (together with dixieland, New Orleans and early jazz), cheers!
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musicbymail  - 3 years ago
There was a little glitch in my previous message! I was questioning the pairing Vocal Jazz / Spiritual Jazz and should have been read this way instead: "while vocal jazz is clear to me ....". I got confused and mixed the pairing with another one Blues / Gospel ... sorry!
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