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checkmyrecords  - 2 years ago
African Records
We need some people who went buy all ur african records stock
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shuttle  - 2 years ago
Amandla. Cultural Group of the African National Congress (ANC of South Africa). Musical director Jonas Gwangwa. Recorded in 1982. (C) "Melodiya", 1982. STEREO S60-18207-08. Aprelevka factory (red label). Russia, USSR. Rare. Genre: Folk, World, & Country. Style: African. Record: M. Laminated cover: E.

Jimmy Katumba. Jimmy Katumba (Uganda). Once (James M. Lutaaya) / Tulina Ekibuga Ekitukuvu (Folk) / Give Me Back My Freedom (Peter C. Lwanga] / Zizinga (Folk) // Days Of Gun Rule (James M. Lutaaya) / Twalina Omukwano Ne Gufa (Jimmy Katumba) / Jesus Save My Soul (Jimmy Katumba) / Congratulations And Jubilations (Peter C. Lwanga). The Ebonies. All-Union Recording Studio. Recording 1979. (C) "Melodiya", 1982. STEREO S80—17261-2. GOST 5289-80. Aprelevka factory of records (white kabels). Order number and circulation copies 272—O—2000. Russia, USSR. Genres: Pop, Folk, World, & Country. Styles: African, Beat.
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