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pyor66  - 3 months ago
Disc Number identical to ASD 2294 but labelled ASDJ 2294. Is this significant ?
HMV Menuhin Shankar, East Meets West. London Identical in every respect to ASD 2294 but labelled ASDJ 2294. Searches reveal no such number. What is the significance of this ? Will it affect the value ? Advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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ragzzz  - 3 months ago
I'd say it is something connected to the year and what EMI were doing with Cat numbers that year. If you look at the New Zealand issue it has ASDM 2294 with the same bracketed matrix numbers (2YEA.3104&5). It's probably a later re-issue too, not 1966
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pyor66  - 3 months ago
Thanks for the info ragzzz. I looked closer at the rear cover and found that it was not identical in EVERY detail as I had thought. The warning at the foot of the cover shows that thhe licence holder is The Association of the Southern African Phonographic Industry. I lived in Botsawaa for many years and that would correspond with the period when I bought the record. As with ASDM and the NEw Zealand pressing, ASDJ is clearly the Sthn. African pressing. Thanks again for the clue.

As a matter of further interest, does this affect the value in any way ?
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pyor66  - 3 months ago
close up cover
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