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chronos2  - 7 years ago
I'm looking for a specialist seller in Japanese Metal Editions
I am looking for a specialist seller in Japanese Metal Editions?

Metal, Classic Rock, Black metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal and others. Thanks.
Good morning, cordial greeting,

I apologize to you because I had not seen your answer, I did not really know the page and I did not know where to find my answers,

I am a collector of Heavy metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal and I would like to know the titles that you can have for sale, where can I locate your shop on the page?
  Thank you very much

6 years ago
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1 answer

japanlpcd  - 7 years ago

Further to your post kindly note that we are dealing with Japanese vinyl LP & CD releases on exclusive basis. We have just returned from Japan and our new catalog is underway containing about 1800 LP titles almost 70% of them belonging in ROCK genre.
For any further information kindly respond to this message.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,
Dimitris Moschovakos
Japan LP/CD Distribution
Athens Greece
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