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kathi1  - 5 years ago
Deep Purple 68-73
Hi, if any record albums with or without Ritchie were pressed, who did them and where, please? What about just Paice, Gilian, and Blackmore, before Glover was sometimes an add, that was in the group, not stand by, please?
And, I'm assuming in 1980 there is a change, why? Cano they just send everything to the fkn Lennons, even though no one officially asked to, probably? How is this going to effect the estate?
Then I would like a separate Glen Hughes opinion, Guilian and Ozzy biased, please, analyze. And was he capable of pulling Perfect Strangers through release and make, album, where who would he asked or gone considering he would come back, please, and that's to Ozzy's, make it easy? Simple what if q? He was available for hire a couple of categories then. Thx
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