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farfa  - 5 years ago
extra hidden costs , Warning on Audiophileusa
Hello people every us buy vinyls from every seller , and we paying first to get , so , we know how much paying for 1 2 3 4 exc , plus inclused shipping costs , But some seller don't say nothing that on hidden costs (of customs) like AUDIOPHILEUSA
Like me some weeks agò I took 6 LP , I did my payment with credi card inclused shiiping costs , But delivered my order , the poste man asked me 90 euro that I did need to pay for get it .
(Warning) to order on Audiophileusa , that costs are hidden
best regards everyone
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3 answers

cdandlp  - 5 years ago
Dear Customer,

Since the seller Audiophileusa is from the USA - hence outside the EU- by placing an order to them, you may have to pay taxes at receipt of the parcel. These costs are not hidden. They correspond to what customs can require at the time they clear goods coming from outside the EU.

We mention it in our Terms of use:
7.1.4 The Members acknowledge that CDandLP is not required to check and/or inform Members if VAT or any other tax applies to the sale of a Cultural Item from a Seller to a Buyer on the CDandLP Platform. CDandLP is not liable for the collection or the payment of VAT or any other tax related to the sale of a cultural item from a Seller to a Buyer on the CDandLP Platform.

Thank you for your comprehension.

CDandLP team.
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farfa  - 5 years ago
Dear Customer,

We all know that they are in the US, but they are not the only professional sellers, I always receive merchandise from the United States, and they are always the ones that I have to pay more than shipping costs when I collect them
They just have to say that beyond the shipping costs there is to pay the customs, and everything is clear
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cdandlp  - 5 years ago
Dear Sir,

Custom clearances are randomized, we do not think that professional or private sellers have anything to do with the process. The amount that they collect depends on the amount of the invoice. We state it in our General Terms of use, sellers do not have to add the information in their profile. Thank you for your understanding.

CDandLP team
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