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mickyas  - 3 years ago
how do i set shipping?????
I am new to CDandLP and so far i've had nothing but trouble trying to sort out shipping, they set it using Royal Mail prices (for UK) from 2019 (we've had 3 increases since then), but they don't take into account the size of the item, just the weight???
Their pricing doesn't take into account the packaging.
They have listings for Uk, Europe, then Rest Of Europe?????
They have weight of items set for grams, but then the table says 'pounds'???
There's nothing for couriers, which can sometimes cost a LOT less than Royal Mail.
When i try to set my own pricing etc it keeps telling me to set international shipping at 'Always', no option for above a certain price as it's contradictory the way it is.
I've just moved over from Discogs, because of this problem, it looks like i'll have to just sell on E-Bay at this rate.
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