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lifeisgood  - 3 years ago
How to transfer my Discogs inventory onto CDandLP
Hi there,

I currently sell on Discogs and I'd like to transfer my inventory from Discogs onto CDandLP. Can you please tell me how to do so ?

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3 answers

cdandlp  - 3 years ago

It's easy. Go to your Discogs account > Parameters > Developpers > and click on "generate a TOKEN".

Send the token to the following email address:

We take care of everything. Your CDandLP catalog will be automatically updated on a daily basis, for free.

- Our system will never delete any data from your Discogs inventory, we only retrieve the information from your catalog.
- When you sell with CDandLP, go deactivate the items from your Discogs account. (Continue creating new items on Discogs, no need on CDandLP).

Best Regards

CDandLP Team
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brunod26  - 3 years ago
I just tried a couple of days ago, but got no answer on my email and apparently my catalogue is not on CDLP yet. How long does the process take?
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hugos2  - 3 years ago
It does not seem to work.
I asked for help but nogo.
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