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arkhest  - 10 months ago
i'm new seller
I've recently registered as a seller, but in the instructions I don't see anyone to give options where to receive payment if I sell an item, so I ask, if I sell an item where does the money go if there isn't an option that lets me enter my credit card or paypal, thanks
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2 answers

ragzzz  - 10 months ago
Go to 'shop settings', then 'Preferences as a seller'.
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arkhest  - 10 months ago
and where's option to receive payment ?

Payment of your sales (?)
Payment Threshold EUR - €
Payment frequency I keep my balance for purchases. (?)
Once a month (between the 1st and the 5th).
Twice a month (between the 1st and the 5th + between the 15th and the 20th).

Currency used for pricing

Warning: If you change the currency used to list your items, make sure you update the price of all your items.

Price offer (?)
You accept to receive price offers
Offers will have to be superior to
of the item price
If you select 80% :
- for a 100 euro item, no offer under 80 euros will be accepted.
- for a 25 euro item, no offer under 20 euros will be accepted.
You can deactivate the option ''make an offer'' on some items when you list them or modify them.
The price offer will only be available on items which have been listed for at least a month.
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