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cdboom  - 7 years ago
Money withdrawal
Hello, everyone. I'm new here and want to start selling the CDs.
I didn't understand yet, How can I withdraw the money from here?
Could someone explain?

Will be very grateful for the help.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Alex
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3 answers

popfair  - 7 years ago

Please read below: forwards you the payment of your sales once or twice a month if the balance is equal or higher than the payment threshold you fixed.

Payment dates based on working days are:
- Between the 1st and the 5th of the month.
- Between the 15th and the 20th of the month.

The balance is equal to:
Total of received orders before the payment terms - Sales commission of

You can define payment threshold, payment frequency and payment method in My account > My shop > Preferences as a seller.

We forward payment only for the sales being confirmed by the buyer.


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101guy  - 3 years ago
What does it mean "forwards you the payment"? Does CDandLP send us checks or deposits the money in our PayPal account?
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popfair  - 3 years ago
CDandLP deposits the money in our PayPal account once the buyer leaves feedback or if no FB is left then after a certain period of time (usually a month) that the item has been dispatched.
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