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bongripper  - 3 years ago
Moved from Discogs, used csv file to upload catalogue; how to link albums to CDANDLP release ID?
I'm a switcher from Discogs and used the csv option to upload my Discogs catalogue. Unfortunately, the releases only show artist, album title and price, but no cover art, album version or any other important information for possible buyers. Is it somehow possible to link an album to a CDANDLP release ID afterwards to update the missing information? With the current status, i don't think to have any chances to sell something here.
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lifeisgood  - 3 years ago
Hi there,

If you come from Discogs, they have a great feature to upload and update your inventory from Discogs to CDandLP. They help you with that. They usually contact you when they see where you come from. Otherwise try to contact them via the help pages

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