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janip34  - 11 years ago
Price for an additional item

just preparing myself to start selling on this site. i still have to set my shipingfees.
since the proposed fee structure for my region is way from reality (often way to little)i have to set my own fees.
there i have to fill in price for an additional item.
do i put the total price fe 3.38 euro
or do i put what you pay extra for on addition item (fe one item is 2.38 two item are 3.38) so i pill in 1 euro?
for some item the difference between 1 and an extra item is 0 do i fill in 0

additional question what happen in the cd and lp calculator when people buy fe five items.
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1 answer

magic33  - 11 years ago
You have to put the cost for the additional item thus 1 euro.
If you have 5 items it will be then : 2.38 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 6.38
You can not put 0 for the extra item otherwise it will also be the same price also for the third item.
In case the price for 2 items is too high, you can reduce at availability confirmation.
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