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vinys  - 3 years ago
this site is so complicated
wish i had never gone on here takes ages to do one sell and then wait ages for payment what rubbish get me offff
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2 answers

ragzzz  - 3 years ago
It's actually easy to use and if you read their terms before joining, as any sane person would, you would have known about the payout times. Don't try to blame the site for something that is entorely your own fault.
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tomiiic  - 3 years ago
yes, it's very complicated... ignore that hater who responded to you. I"ve waiting over 3 months for an item that was probably NEVER shipped.... I filed a claim with Paypal and they refunded me... and then out of the blue, CD and LP said they refunded me for non receipt of item... yeah whatever! they probably responded because Paypal contacted them! I will never do business with these scam artists again!!
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