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apatientperson  - 11 years ago
Where can I find information and pricing for my Gabriel Faure LP played by Joerg Demus?
I was searching through LP's at a local thrift hoping to find LP jackets to remake into book covers and use scratched LP's for making melted art. I found one that appears too nice to destroy and want to be sure of its value before doing anything with it. The music is AMAZING! It is Gabriel FAURE played on piano by Joerg Demus. Theme and Variations, Op.73, Barcarolle, Op.70, Nocturne, Op.63, and 5 Impromptus, Op.25, 31, 34, 91, and 102.

I have no idea if there is any monetary value to this LP. It is by Westminster HI-FI and is in MINT condition. The LP is in its original plastic inside the jacket. The cover picture is of Big Ben in sepia tone.

I appreciate any resource you may be able to direct me to. I apologize for not having a picture to upload at this time.
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lpfrenzy80s  - 11 years ago
Try or for an idea of prices. Both sites take selling infomation from ebay sales so if your record has not been sold here, there will be no information about it. Good luck.
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